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  1. Name: killer ADMIN BANNED HIM : armin dz Ban time: 3h 20 min Ban reasone: Aimbot
  2. Nickname: armin dz Tag Custom: Titen speakerman Ore jucate: 1
  3. Nick:armin dz Age:16 Steam on/off:ON SteamID:STEAM_0:0:5843756 Time spent on server (Link GT) :https://www.gametracker.com/player/armin dz/ Experience CS/AMXX: amx_kick amx_ban amx_slap amx_slay ....... Time avaiable: 5h -2h In the day or in the evening?:Day Why do you wanna be a admin? :Save Server From Hacker And tell players rules I will make server better Did you read the Admin/Playeri Rules? :YEAH Do you take the responsability to check the forum minim once a day? :No Will you participate at the staff conference on TeamSpeak 3? :No Contact(Discord, Steam, Skype):Discord:real.armindz
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