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  1. Ban informations Name: ratkoROTKVA IP: Reason: no.wg Unban time: Permanent ban
  2. Ban informations Name: ssoh IP: Reason: no.wg Unban time: Permanent ban
  3. Ban informations Name: Dani IP: Reason: no.wg Unban time: Permanent ban
  4. Nickname:Vlad Tag Custom: Frag eXecutor$ Ore jucate: 4
  5. Nick:vLAD Age:16 Steam on/off: ON SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856027279/ Time spent on server [GAMETRACKER.COM] :10 Experience CS/AMXX:10 Time avaiable: 3-4 In the day or in the evening?:day Why do you wanna be a admin? :ca sa vin in ajutor Did you read the Admin/Playeri Rules? : da Do you take the responsability to check the forum minim once a day? :nu pot mereu Will you participate at the staff conference on TeamSpeak 3? :yes Contact(Discord, Steam, Skype):discord Vlad
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