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[CSGO] Regulament STAFF / VIP (RO)/EN +VIP Rules

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BZKA37t.gif Folosirea CFG-urilor ce nu sunt acceptate de Wargods este interzisa.
BZKA37t.gif Folosirea de coduri, hack-uri, script-uri, awp scope.

BZKA37t.gif Configuratiile CFG cu mai mult de 250 de linii sunt interzise.

BZKA37t.gif Interzisa reclama altor site-uri/ servere.

BZKA37t.gif Daca adminii va cer test Wargod, este interzis sa dati retry in consola.

BZKA37t.gifJucatorii au obligatia sa faca testul Wargods daca adminii le cer lucru acesta, in special cand acestia au facut cerere de admin.




5U55YmM.gif Nu cereti wargods  sau  SS pe server , faceti demo si in functie de demo se baneaza sau nu ! 

5U55YmM.gif  Membrii STAFF-ului ECL sunt rugati sa nu baneze jucatorii fara dovezi 

(demo ).

5U55YmM.gif  Limbajul necorespunzator pe server va fi sanctionat cu gag 3-5 minute.

5U55YmM.gif Insultarea adminilor va fi sanctionata cu gag/ban 30 de minute.

5U55YmM.gif  Nu este aceptata folosirea comenzii “retry” dupa Gag, aceasta rezulta cu sanctionare ban 30 de minute.

5U55YmM.gif  Pentru a raporta un posibil jucatori ce foloseste coduri, se utilizeaza say_team (u@) + numele jucatorului banuit ca ar folosi coduri.

5U55YmM.gif  Este INTERZISA urcarea pe mapa .

5U55YmM.gif VIP-urile nu au voie sa faca asta.

5U55YmM.gif Daca primiti slay/ kick sau ban, puteti face o plangere despre acel admin pe forum.

5U55YmM.gif Respectati ceilalti jucatori si adminii.

5U55YmM.gif  Daca vreti sa faceti o cerere de admin, raspunsul la intrebarea “Ai citit regulamentul?” este "Respecta si vei fi respectat"




  • Este interzisa urcarea pe mapa.
  • Este interzis ca toti jucatorii VIP sa fie intr-o singura echipa.
  • Orice admin sau player care detine gradul VIP, va fi transferat la o alta echipa in cazul in care nu se va conforma echilibrari echipelor.

          JJPoXx6.gif  Gradele urmatoare au puterea de decizie pentru a transfera un player sau admin care detine VIP la o alta echipa sunt:

          JJPoXx6.gif  Commander, Detinator, Founder, Manager,Owner.

          JJPoXx6.gif  Gradul VIP poate fi suspendat pe o durata de 12h pana la 24h. In cazul in care adminul sau player-ul in cauza se opune masurii.

  • Gradele mentionate mai sus, Sunt obligate la randul lor sa echilibreze echipele la intrarea pe server,  respectiv la intrarea intr-o echipa.
  • Folosirea codurilor va fi sanctionata cu Remove fara posibilitatea de a primi banii inapoi.
  • Limbajul necorespunzator va fi sanctionat cu Warn si la urmatoarea abatare va fi sanctionat cu Remove fara posibilitatea de a primi banii inapoi.
  • Respectati adminii, nu le spuneti cum sa isi faca treaba, nu este responsabilitatea voastra.
  • Respectati chat-ul de admini, nu interveniti cand un admin discuta cu alti jucatori, nu este responsabilitatea voastra.
BZKA37t.gif Using CFGs which are not accepted by WarGods, are forbidden.
BZKA37t.gif Using cheats, hacks, scripts, AWP Scope... etc.
BZKA37t.gif Configs.cfg with more than 250 lines ARE FORBIDDEN.
BZKA37t.gif Advertising other sites/servers.
BZKA37t.gif Counter-strike NVIDIA is forbidden, all versions.
BZKA37t.gif If Admin asks you for WarGod Test, you are not allowed to RETRY.
BZKA37t.gif Players have the obligation to make Wargods Test if Admins ask for it, especially when they make admin request.



5U55YmM.gif Inappropriate language on server will be punished with Gag 3 - 5 minutes.

5U55YmM.gifECL staff members are asked not to ban players without evidence 


5U55YmM.gif Insulting Admins will be punished with gag/ban 30 minutes.
5U55YmM.gifIts not allowed to use Retry after GAG, Ban 30 minutes.
5U55YmM.gif To make a report in-game for a possible cheater use say_team@ (u@) + name of cheater.
5U55YmM.gif You are NOT ALLOWED to climb on the map.
5U55YmM.gif If you get Slay / Kick or Ban, you can make a complaint about that Admin on forum.
5U55YmM.gif Respect other players and Admins.
5U55YmM.gif If you want to make a request, the secret answer at "Did you read the rules?" is -> "Respect and you will be respected"
  • You are not allowed to climb on the map.
  • You are not allowed to be all together in one team. 
  •  It doesn't matter if you prefer to play as T/CT. You have to keep the team balance as mentioned at the rule 2.
  • Every admin or player wich have VIP will be transfered to another team if he will not gonna keep the team's balanced.
      JJPoXx6.gif   Next rang of admins will can take the decision straight away to move one admin or player wich have VIP rang:
      JJPoXx6.gif  Commander, Detinator, Founder, Manager, Owner.
      JJPoXx6.gif The VIP rang can be suspended for 12h to 24h if the admin or player will not gonna accept the decision.
  • The rang's mentioned on top will be forced to respect also the rule of balancing the team's. when they get on the server or into thea team's.
  • Cheating will be punished with Removal without getting your money back.
  • Inappropriate language will be Warned and the second time will be punished with Removal without getting your money back.
  • Respect admins, don't tell them what to do, it's not your responsibility.
  • Respect admin chat, don't interfere when admins talking, it's not your responsibility.
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