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Nick : @DanyBlade91
Unique ID ( pentru adaugare grad ts3) : s8lBM1bUKNVEbmpJ3LOMhDTT9q4=
Nume canal TS3 :  ECL.ROYALCS.RO 
Contact owner  : pm forum    ; Discord  DanyBlade91#4517   Steam  DanyBlade91; TS3    ; Malboro   Steam  MarlboRo
Moderatori categorie : @DanyBlade91 @KeN@kaZzy  @MarlboRo  @Pewpew1337- @Sadj 
★ [ECL] Link Discord ★ 


,★ [ECL] Rules ★

tt9a4n6u.gif Gasesti Regulamentul Admini/Playeri - ECL.ROYALCS.RO

tt9a4n6u.gifHere you can find the Admin/Player Rules - ECL.ROYALCS.RO
,★ [ECL] Announcements & Informations ★

tt9a4n6u.gifAici Gasesti Toate Noutatile Serverului ECL.ROYALCS.RO

tt9a4n6u.gifHere you can find all the news of the ECL.ROYALCS.RO server
  ★ [ECL] Staff ★  
tt9a4n6u.gif Aici Gasesti Conducerea Serverului ECL.ROYALCS.RO
tt9a4n6u.gifHere you can find the ECL.ROYALCS.RO Server STAFF

★ [ECL] Donations ★

tt9a4n6u.gif Doresti Sa Ajuti ECL.ROYALCS.RO? - Intra Aici!

tt9a4n6u.gifDo you want to help ECL.ROYALCS.RO? - Come in here!
★ [ECL] Accesses Request ★  : 

tt9a4n6u.gif Doresti Sa Faci Parte Din Stafful ECL.ROYALCS.RO?

tt9a4n6u.gifDo you want to be part of the  ECL.ROYALCS.RO? staff? - Come in here!

[ECL] Request Admin / Slot

[ECL] VIP request

[ECL] UnBan application 

★ [ECL] Banlist ★

tt9a4n6u.gif Evidenta BanList Admini -ECL.ROYALCS.RO

tt9a4n6u.gifEvidence BanList Admins - ECL.ROYALCS.RO

★ [ECL] Complaints ★

tt9a4n6u.gif Ai Ceva De Reclamat? - Aici Este Locul !

tt9a4n6u.gifDo you have something to complain about? - This is the place!

★ [ECL] Free Discussions ★

tt9a4n6u.gifCafenea ECL.ROYALCS.RO

tt9a4n6u.gifCafe  ECL.ROYALCS.RO

★ [ECL] Admins Zone ★

tt9a4n6u.gifLOCKED ! - ADMIN ZONE ! 

★ECL - Server Promotion ★

tt9a4n6u.gifVrei Sa Ajuti Serverul ? Voteaza Aici !

tt9a4n6u.gifDo you want to help the server? Vote Here!


★ [ECL] - ECL Archive ★

Link Gametracker : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

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